INI Gallery Series

Over the month of February, I attended a three-event series by Barbora Fastrova and Johana Posova as part of their “Life Finds a Way” project.  The events took place in INI gallery, and each exhibit emphasized a different part of the human body.

The first event, “Pickdick Picnic,” occurred on February 14th, and it focused on the penis. There was a low table of phallic ceramic objects in the center of a dark room, and guests were invited to pick one out to take home for good luck. I loved this event. Previously, I had thought of art as kind of static. To me, experiencing art meant visiting a museum. As a result, I was fascinated by the concept that an installation can be just as much about the ambiance and dialogue it creates as it is about the physical subject. From the music to the spring rolls, it was obvious that the entire experience had been carefully curated. The walls, furniture, and guests were as much a part of the art as the ceramic pieces.

The second event, “Lover’s digest jazz dinner,” occurred one week later, February 21st, and it focused on intestines. There was a much higher table in the center of the room, and it was covered in an enormous, intestine-shaped loaf of bread. While guests ate the bread and accompanying dips, a man played the saxophone in a corner. This event was much more awkward than the first event. Unlike “Pickdick Picnic,” the lights were on, and the subject matter did less to inspire conversation. One of the artists, Barbora, explained that this awkwardness was intentional, and I was again reminded of how art can mean an entire setting. It is so much more interactive than I originally understood it to be.

The final event, “Buch Buch Ceremony,” took place another week later, February 28th, and it focused on the human heart. Barbora explained that the events kind of got increasingly more intimate. Visitors could lie on a piece of wood on the floor where they put an ultrasound to their heart. The ultrasounds were hooked up to amps. It was strange to lie on the floor with strangers and listen to each other’s heartbeats. I wondered if a heartbeat is personal thing, or if it’s it just a romanticized bodily function. 




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