David Cerny Sculptures

David Cerny’s unusual sculptures are scattered throughout the city of Prague. I noticed each piece independently at first, and it wasn’t until later that I learned they were all made by the same man. Cerny’s work is famously controversial, but I’ve only spent a short time in the Czech Republic and can’t entirely appreciate its cultural implications. Instead, I am forced to evaluate his work at face value.

My favorite of Cerny’s sculptures are those that have been deeply imbedded into the city of Prague, like “Embryo” and “Hanging Out.” “Embryo” is an organ-looking embryo swelling in a drainpipe, and “Hanging Out” is a sculpture of Sigmund Freud hanging from the top of a building by Bethlehem Square. These sculptures are unmarked and can go easily unnoticed. They’ve been seamlessly incorporated into the city and have a fun, quirky effect. I also love to hate his crawling giant babies. These statues exist in Kampa Park and on the Zizkov TV Tower. I find these faceless babies very creepy, but I appreciate their blatant strangeness. They are by far my favorite part of an otherwise awful-looking structure.



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